Anhydrite/Angelite is found in Mexico, Peru, Poland, Egypt, Britian, Germany and New Mexico, but it was adopted by the New Age sect as Angelite, which has made it a very sought after stone. Angelite is a lovely blue stone with a peaceful energy that is calming and soothing. In many people it may stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, and aid channeling and mediumship. It has a vibration that is very helpful to aid contact with beings in the higher realms and in particular with members of the angelic kingdom. Many people choose to use it is because it both aids you to connect with angels, and is also helpful to assist you to make contact with spirit guides. It is a strong communication stone, and an extremely helpful healing crystal, that will benefit you in a number of ways. The meaning of this stones name comes from its strong vibration to make contact with the angelic realm. This crystal may intensify psychic communication in a number of different ways. One of its strong attributes is that it will help you to make contact with the angelic realm and will aid you with finding your spirit guide.While in a general way this is a strong communication stone, Angelite specifically aids spiritual based communication. One of the ways it may help you is to kindle the birth of an ability to make contact with spirits from the other side of the veil, known as mediumship or channeling.This stones energy may be beneficial to assist you to contact loved ones who have passed over, and to bring through their energy to aid emotional healing.It may also stimulate mental telepathy as well as the gift of psychic visions commonly known as clairvoyance.It can aid you to bring information through from spirit in a number of ways, including assisting you when doing automatic writing .The vibration of this lovely blue stone also resonates within the third eye chakra and crown chakra, which helps to explain why Angelite is beneficial to aid angelic contact and may stimulate the birth of psychic gifts. As this stones energy is soothing to the emotions, keep a piece of this stone on you, especially if you are feeling emotionally troubled or out of sorts, as using it is one of the methods to relieve stress.Other ways that this stone may aid your healing includes its action to support healing of health problems related to the bones.It is said to help to dissolve calcification within the joints and to give you a greater range of motion in the joints according to metaphysicists. This stone corresponds well with the zodiac signs. Each stone will come packaged with care containing a description card along with a special thank you exclusively from us to show our appreciation to each of you for placing your spiritual gem needs in our hands.


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Light Worker High Grade Blue Angel Twin Crystal Point (Anhydrite)(Angelite)

  • Hardiness: 3.5

    Density: 2.98

    Colors: Blues, whites, grays, pinks and reds.