Hemimorphite can be found in Germany, Belgium, New Mexico, Montana, United States, Madagascar, Namibia, Congo, Thailand, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Italy, England, Austria, Australia, and Algeria. Hemimorphite is an ascension stone with powerful protective, healing and cleansing properties. It has a powerful Buddha energy and adds light to the Auric field. This is a great stone for those wanting to detach themselves from obeying the ego. Once the strength of the ego awareness subsides, the person will then achieve a new self-image filled with self-confidence and self-respect. Hemimorphite brings about good luck and good fortune. It aids meditation, enlightenment and attunement to induce spiritual growth. It encourages one to achieve and maintain an healthy lifestyle, which can lead to self-evolution.The vibrations of Hermimorphite will stimulate the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras which will, in return, activate the higher Chakras. Once the higher Chakras are open and activated they will begin filtering Light energy throughout the body. This will cleanse the aura and balance the subtle bodies. Hermimorphite influences one to communicate with compassion and empathy for all souls existing on the physical and spiritual plane. Once the stone is picked up, it will activate. The more you use it the stronger it will become according to metaphysicists.  Hemimorphite is a beneficial stone that relates to all zodiac signs but works especially well with Libra (benefits the heart and chakras). Each stone will come packaged with care containing a description card along with a special thank you exclusively from us to show our appreciation to each of you for placing your spiritual gem needs in our hands.



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Ice Blue Hemimorphite Crystal Specimen

  • Hardiness: 4.5 - 5

    Density: 3.3

    Colors: White, colorless, beige, yellow, light brown, blue, and rarely greenish or yellow.