The Obsidian & Gold Tiger Eye Mala bracelet is intended to heal and protect the wearer. Obsidian is a natural, volcanic glass. It has powerful metaphysical properties that help shield the wearer from negativity. The reflective quality of the stone promotes honest introspection. In crystal therapy, Obsidian is beneficial for improving peripheral circulation and for balancing digestion. It draws stress and tension out of the body and brings calm. Obsidian may also provide insight into the root cause of the problems or diseases. Tiger- Eye is a powerful stone that helps release fear and anxiety and promotes harmony and balance, unclouding emotions and aiding in clear decision making. It is known to give one courage, self confidence and strength of will. The number 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism. The number 1 stands for God, the Universe or your own highest truth; 0 stands for emptiness and humility in spiritual practice; and 8 stands for infinity and timelessness. The Obsidian/Tiger-Eye Mala Bracelet offers the wearer the ability to focus on the meaning or sound of the mantra rather than on counting its repetitions while reaping the benefits of the qualities inherent in the stones. Each stone will come packaged with care containing a description card along with a special thank you exclusively from us to show our appreciation to each of you for placing your spiritual gem needs in our hands.

6 mm Tiger-Eye Obsidian Buddhist Prayer Mala Stone Bracelet

  • Hardiness: 4.5 - 5

    Density: 3.3

    Colors: White, colorless, beige, yellow, light brown, blue, and rarely greenish or yellow.