Found primarily in Brazil, Africa, and Asia. Rutilated Quartz combines the properties of Titanium (needle like inclusions) inside of Clear Quartz Crystal. Solar Eye Quartz is sliced from stalactites. It is clear in appearance with presence of mossy inclusions on the surface. It is an energy enhancer and helps to connect to the spirit with harmony, bringing emotional strength, detaching entities or attachments and ties to the other people, and in cutting away negativity from the life. It is a powerful protector of aura and physical body, helps one in communicating with spirits, alleviates pain, and improves intuition according to metaphysicists. This stone is a universal stone that relates to all zodiac signs. Each stone will come packaged with care containing a description card along with a special thank you exclusively from us to show our appreciation to each of you for placing your spiritual gem needs in our hands.   


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17 ct Solar Eye Quartz Gemstone

  • Hardiness: 7 

    Density: 2.6

    Colors: A variety of Clear Quartz with naturally occurring needle-like inclusions of Yellow Titanium.