The Paranormal Experience

 Genuine Ghost Hunting Adventure

  Do you have an interest in the paranormal but you've never been able to experience a ghost hunt investigation personally? Look no further, you've come to the right place! We offer ghost hunting events in some of the most haunted locations when we are not on our own doing independent and private research.

  Together, with us and other members of the general public, you will be given the full experience of a paranormal investigation with access to our equipment and the location. There are no meet and greets or any other nonsense offered that may take away from the full experience. We only offer the opportunity to explore these locations for yourselves while learning the history behind them. 

  By offering the same opportunity that we have to those thrill seekers who are eager to experience a haunting for themselves, it is our goal to make each outing an enjoyable one. We offer  our services as your guides and we include: A site walk through, the history behind the location, a brief "available for your use" equipment training session so that everyone will understand how to use the equipment provided, a potluck, beverages, and an experience that will be your very own.


  Come on in, take a look at our site, and please do join us on an excursion. We are happy to have you! Or if you are more comfortable just observing please feel free to follow us while we visit these historic locations from the comfort of your own home. 

We look forward to meeting you soon!!   

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