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Matt ~ I am a very proud Veteran of the United States Army, a single father, and I have worked in the Medical field as a Radiology Technician for almost twenty years now. My own personal interests in the mystery of the paranormal field date back to when I was a kid. It strengthened as I became an adult and then began working overnight shifts in hospitals. It was then that I began to hear, see and feel something around me at times. Combine that with my own experiences at home. It led me to want to find answers for myself. It is my hope that we can help those of you, that may have had your own experiences, find the answers that are out there. Or simply to give those who are curious the opportunity to be a part of a true overnight. I hope to see you soon!  

Maigon ~ I am what you would call a psychic medium (if you meet me I will probably say I'm sensitive instead because I prefer that terminology). Since a very young age I've been fascinated with ghosts and the afterlife. When I was a girl, a woman explained to me that my gifts have turned me into somewhat of a lighthouse or beacon for spirits who haven't yet moved on, which means unexpected house guests from time to time. Apart from being involved in the paranormal field I am an avid History buff and love to read. I also have a degree in Non-Profit Management, but I have decided being a stay at home Mom is more meaningful at the moment - plus I have more free time to ghost hunt. Feel free to email me through our site or message me on our Facebook page if you have any questions or need help dealing with spirits in your life. Hope to see y'all at a ghost hunt soon!  

Chelsie ~ I am what most would call a care free Millennial. I love adventures and discovering things for myself. I am currently in College as a full time student in pursuit of a degree in Media Arts. I also work retail while attending class. My course of study has also gifted me with the ability to help in the design work of this site and to help in the development of a merchandise line. I developed a fascination for the paranormal unknown on TV as a little girl. I also enjoy taking photography so urban exploration & ghost hunting at the locations  I have seen online is a great experience. To be able to take pics of historic old buildings and learn about each of their history is amazing. My journey has taught me that things will and do occur beyond any logical explanation. I look  forward to meeting each of you, so please do come along and join us!

Jennifer ~ I'm in the administration field and I've helped to build and promote business for about twenty years. I'm a mother to 3 beautiful kids. I love crafting, reading, & baking. I've recently learned that I have the gift of Empath. I have had the ability to sense one's energy since childhood. It's my senses mixed with a couple of strange occurrences after family deaths that have led me down this path into the paranormal field. This gift, and the very people that I have come to know, have been so kind in helping me to learn that by opening up my inner self to situations that can't easily be explained away, I am able to sense what is occurring around me beyond sight. And I can't lie, it is really cool to explore places many can't, to test one's  bravery and to not lose one's own sense of adventure. Contact me any time if you have any questions to ask or are in need of guidance on our website here or on our Facebook page. See you on our next adventure!      

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